Rohan van Klooster

Borzoi Ballade

By Rohan van Klooster

How "Borzoi Ballade" is born?

"I had a theme and heard a voice. The lyrics I mostly created on my walks with the Borzois, out in the fields, fantasizing about the endless fields. The music came to life at the piano with the "help" of the great black Amant Aleksander Polot.

I don't know how long it took me before I put the first note on paper. But at that time the libretto was as good a ready and I had a rought idea about the "musical building", including atmosphere and climaxes. Two borzoi names had to be mentioned in this composition:

Narashnicov and Arsia, the little big man, and the great grey Dame. Ank named him after Baryshnikov, the famous ballet dancer, so that is why he is the "Deadly Dancer". 

Arsia we got from Jo Heller. Jo asked me, just before her ultimately death, if I would take charge of Amant Alexander Polot. My answer was that we wanted to take care of both, Alex and Arsia. And that is what happened.

I had a great weakness for this grand Old Lady, also in real life "the Leader of the Pack". I named her "Store Grise", it is a fantasized Norwegian name: the great grey one.

And there is the third name at the end: Jaïdah. She is Arsia's nice and at first she was not mentioned in the lyrics. At the end of the Ballad everyone goes home and when the party is leaving we can hear them humming: da-dada-dada. I could not resist to change that in Jaï-dada-dada. And now she is our only living Borsoi who's name can be heard in the first classical composed music about Borzois! " 


Questions to Rohan van Klooster about his music

It is absolutely incredible how many beautiful music you have composed by now and Netherlands didn’t discover you yet. I hope this will change now, the way you deserve and taking place you deserve. Let’s see together your work.

Rohan van Klooster playing the bass


"First: when you have the drive to tranform your feelings into music, you keep doing so because you can't stop. And second: when there are some closeones who support you, it helps to go on.

And then, when it seems that nobody is interested in bringing your "childs" into the world I think of the motto, I red in the book written by Robert A. Heinlein. It is called Stranger in the Strange Land. The leading character, Michael, Mike Smith has a lot of problems living on this planet, but when it seems too much he says: "There is waiting", and that is what I did and do."

Rohan van Klooster and borzois


"It is of course audacious to say but my own dreams, loves or other experiences are the base from where I try to shape a musical shadow. And living with Borzois gave me strengths and on that unforgettable evening, the encounter with Ank. Borzois brought us together... All the lives of the Borzois we loved together and all the ups and downs every live has, they form for me the power to go on. 

Living, loving and writing, all with the support of the love of my life."

Alexander Polot


"You are absolutely right that music should speak for itself and that all at the same time a lot of people want or need a explanation. But in this case it is much easier to follow the development because there is a singer who tells the story. And I think that people who live with Borzois know the stories about wolf hunting as there were, for instance, at Perchino's, so there should not be a problem at all. 

Finally one can read the lyrics. But most important is the way it is performed. I think people stay listening, will be taken along in this dramatic adventure thanks to the fantastic way Marko and Milivoje bring this composition to life."

Borzoi Ballade libretto


"When Ank and I heard the piano intro we where flabbergasted. Milivoje played exactly the same way I did and ment it to be. It was almost scary, but in a fine way. And I think the timbre of a bariton fills the Eastlands-spheres", better then a tenor, especially the way Marko sings it. Together they create a beautiful "tension curve", through wich they liffed the story to a higher level. It became the Duet like it was ment to be..."

“Even if the music of Rohan van Klooster is a pure magic in nowadays music industry, it was neglected by who was ment to discover it and pave his road to the public. The quality and the sofisticated connection with the great names of classical music are obvious in Rohan's compositions. As we say in Serbia, it's not for who was asked to do it, but for who was designed to do it. Probably with a little "help" of Mrs. Jo Heller from heaven.”

Valerija Brkljač - Producer

Milivoje Veljić, pianist

"When I opened Libretto, I was surprised by the seriousness and the complexity of the composition. It was not some kind of catchy and humorous pet song, as I first imagined it, but a formally complex work, with many motives and a duration of almost 20 minutes. For example, some concerts of Haydn, Mozart, List or Ravel last just little longer. At first glance, it was clear that the composition was technically demanding, for both singer and the pianist, that the work required a long period of preparation for performing both solo work and joint rehearsals."

Milivoje Veljić

Marko Kalajanović

Marko Kalajanović, baritone

The Divine Joy of the artist, that's what we missed the next day after the project ended. 

I walk up with a weird feeling of emptiness, where I didn't understand what was going on. Ok, we finished one wonderful project we worked on, but then why am I feeling empty? 

At that moment I realized I was missing it.

Incredible experience.

Incredible experience, 

Rohan van Klooster

Composer's Artistic Journy

“After two years of hard labour under the supervising of Gerrit Hartveld I was good enough to play in the Zeister Philharmonic Orchestra, the senior amateur orchestra which was also led by Nico Hermans, in that time a famous conductor of amateur orchestras. Nico Hermans was also the musical director and the conductor of the National Youth Orchestra and he introduced me there. The National Youth Orchestra was an ensemble that was formed by picking out the best young amateur and conservatoire students of the Netherlands. Therefore it was a mixed group of enthusiastic and talented people. In the bass group, for instance, I met a boy who was playing the bass guitar by Children for Children, the other one became the bass player of the Wild Romance, the band of Herman Brood. The other one was studying medicines but stopped his studies after one season in this orchestra and developed into one of the well known double bass players of the Netherlands. As another became widely known as a conductor. the two last mentioned bass players I understand best. When you are a part of a group of over hundred people, all working together to create that almost orgastic power that a great romantic composition asks from you, you are lifted from the earth and you never want to lose that feeling again. So you learn you want to be a part of this forever, playing or conducting, this becomes your life.”



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